About Us

AXIS AIR GROUP, INC. manufactures a complete line of HVLP Paint Spray Systems and Supplied Air Respirators. Located in Northwest Illinois, all of our systems are produced in the USA since 1993. Our product line began with the development of the HOBBYAIR Supplied Air Respirator system. Our inventors were aviation and automotive enthusiasts who decided it was time to develop a product at a great price so they wouldn't have to hear of another friend falling ill while enjoying their hobby. Our fresh air respirator is unique in its exceptional quality and price. Our popularity has rapidly spread.

AXIS AIR GROUP, INC. credits you, our customers, with our complete product line of quality HVLP Sprayers and Respirators. Over the years you came to us with many excellent suggestions. We eagerly listened and developed the products you will enjoy in the following pages. Our products will give you the performance and confidence to achieve professional quality finishes.

Our respirators and paint sprayers are manufactured to fit your unique needs with the highest standards of quality.

We blend the dependability and quality you need with the nimbleness of USA made product. Every system is built with your individual needs in mind. It is time to give us try - and remember that it is your feedback that has made us successful, so help us stay connected to you.