Axis Air Press Releases

Recommendation from TBS's Brian Patrick Flynn of Movie and a Makeover
Expert Brian Patrick Flynn was kind enough to provide us with the following tips:
A high volume low pressure (HVLP) sprayer is the key to achieving a factory finish on furniture. An excellent choice is the Citation line from Axis Products at
When opting to refinish your furniture, make sure you choose the correct type of paint. Some great choices for furniture are oil, urethane and lacquer. If you use the same latex paint made for your walls, your finish will most likely not look factory-fresh or professional.
February 2009
Hampshire, IL USA – Axis Air Group, Inc. has purchased Axis Products, Inc. Fully woman-owned by Janet Balsamo, the company is forging ahead in new markets for with their patented Hobbyair and Pro Air Supplied Air Respirator Systems, Citation combined HVLP Paint Sprayer/Respirator System and Axis HVLP Turbine Sprayer systems. Balsamo began building the business at its inception in 1993; ownership was a natural step forward. In this time of economic difficulty, Axis Air Group is pleased to offer high quality professional products at a fair price and great service is always a top priority.
December 2008
Classic Trucks Magazine features an honest comparison of Turbine HVLP Paint Sprayers and Compressor Spraying methods in the December 2008 issue. Grant Peterson takes you on an exploration beginning at the historical beginning of HVLP Turbine sprayers and walks through the Citation mask fitting, paint mixing, assembly and spraying. After you have read the attached article, you will have the viewpoint of a professional and the knowledge of experience. Grant Peterson is a seasoned automotive painter using high pressure equipment. This was his first experience with the Citation combined Paint Sprayer and Respirator system. To read the full review Click Here.